Weed In Your System

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How long weed stays in your system depends on many factors.

Although the effects of THC wear off within a few hours of ingesting weed, traces of the chemical can remain in the body for quite a while. 

How long weed stays in your system depends on many factors. These include how often you use weed, how much THC is in weed, your metabolism, and body fat. Depending on the test, weed can show up days to months after the last use. 

Weed and Hair 

Hair strands can pick up THC in several ways. Like a urine test, testing hair strands can detect traces of THC in the body after they pass from the bloodstream to the hair follicle. But it can also get into the hair from physical
contact, meaning that you do not necessarily need to be taking weed to have your hair test positive for it. If you have been around secondhand weed smoke, have touched weed or even if
someone who has handled weed touches your hair, your hair may test positive. The hair test can be positive for up to 90 days after exposure. 

Weed and Blood 

When it comes to testing for weed use, blood tests are not often used. This is because blood tests have a narrow window of time to detect weed use. These tests typically only work within three to four hours when a person uses weed, which is when THC is still in the bloodstream. 

Weed and Saliva 

Similar to blood tests, most saliva tests can only detect weed within 24 hours of use. 

Weed and Breast Milk 

Weed can get into your breast milk. Doctors think it is dangerous for a nursing baby to be exposed to breast milk after the mother has had weed. Babies exposed to weed even test positive for it in their urine, and may have symptoms like poor muscle tone. 

Factors that Affect How Long Weed Stays in the System 

There is no way to know exactly how long THC will stay in someone’s system
for a drug test. However, there are different factors however that can impact
how long weed stays in the body. 

Frequency of Weed Use 

Someone who has been using weed regularly is likely to have a buildup
of THC in their system, meaning it will take longer to leave the body.