Places Where Weed Use is Legal

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Countries and cities where weed is legal.

States in America where weed is legal 

According to a survey by the Pew Research Center in 2018, 62% of Americans support weed legalization, which is almost double the number of those who supported legalization in 2000. Weed is currently legal in
some form in 46 US states, though the majority only allow use for medical purposes. Recreational use is allowed in Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington state, Washington DC, and Vermont. 

Despite the best efforts of US attorney general Jeff Sessions, weed legalization in the US has come a long way. Vermont was the first state in the nation to legalize weed legislatively, and those laws came into effect on July
1. Oklahoma also voted to legalize medical weed and a new set of guidelines was approved by the state’s health board in August. 

In June, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer unveiled the Weed Freedom and Opportunity Act, which would remove weed from the government’s list of controlled substances, and seeks to decriminalize weed across the country. And Donald Trump has expressed support for allowing states to regulate weed independently.

Weed is legal in Canada 

The Weed Act makes weed sales and consumption, even for recreational use, fully legal. Regulations vary across Canada’s 10 provinces and three territories. For instance, those in Ontario can only purchase weed online via the government-run Ontario Weed Store, whereas in Saskatchewan, only licensed private retail stores can sell pot. In Quebec you can smoke anywhere tobacco is allowed. Weed consumption in the Yukon territory is only permitted in private residences and adjoining properties. 

Weed legal around the world  

Recreational pot use is gaining acceptance around the globe, though there are still relatively few places where it is fully legal: 

Uruguay became the first country to fully legalize weed in 2013 and last year began allowing sales in local pharmacies (though the purchase is limited to citizens).