How to collect weed pollen from male plants

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Collecting pollen is relatively simple. You’ll know your male plants are ready when their pollen sacks look full or when you find small patches of pollen on nearby leafs.

There are a few simple ways to collect the pollen from your male plants:

  1. A simple way to harvest pollen from your male weed plants is to gently remove the pollen sacs, drying them for a week, and then storing them in a resealable bag (a ziploc bag works great). Once the sacs are dry you can simply shake the bag gently and the sacs should start to split and crack, releasing the pollen into the bag. You can then remove the individual sacs, leaving behind the beautiful golden pollen powder
  2. Another popular way to harvest pollen from your plants is to simply agitate the pollen sacs so they release their pollen into a bag or container. You can do this using a ziploc bag; simply open the bag, gently bend the pollen sacs so they are almost inside it, and gently tap them to release their pollen. Remember to remove any sacs that may have fallen into the bag or container along with the pollen.