Does it take a lot of leaves to get high?

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The leaves of the weed plant may contain some interesting CBD, but it will take a lot of it to actually get you high.

  In general, the leaves of the plant contain between 0 and 4% THC and CBD, so just a random handful might not get you that far.

But if you trimmed your crop and saved up the leaves that were standing out from the actual buds, you may notice that on these leaves and the respective stems there actually are THC trichomes that are even visible to the naked eye.

So, to sum it up: There is a wide spectrum of different leaves. Characterized by the individual plant, the part of the plant the leave grew on and the particular strain, all leaves contain differing CBD-profiles.

Therefore it is very hard to say “if” or “how” high weed leaves can actually get you – and of course, your particular tolerance also plays a major role here!