What To Do With Weed Leaves

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As you probably know, weed stems are different from the weed leaves and the trimmings. The leaves and trimmings have a bit more CBD and THC than the stems, and they are a bit easier to work with too, especially when it comes to making a weed leaf or trimming product that you can smoke or ingest.

1. Make Cannabutter or Hemp Infused Oil

The first thing that you can do with your weed leaves and trimmings is to make weed butter or hemp-infused oil. We do want to note that these final products will never be as strong as if you used real weed buds, but they will still have a bit of a kick and provide a minimal buzz.

To do this, grind down the leaves and trimmings and decarb them in the oven to activate any THC which might be present. Then, you can boil the leaves and trimmings in a mixture of water and butter, or water and oil, in order to create hemp-infused butter or oil.

What is cool here is that weed oil and butter can be used for various edibles. You can make pizza, all kinds of dough, weed brownies, pot cookies, weed tea, and beer.

2. Make Hash or Bubble Hash

Bubble hash and normal hash alike are usually made with real weed nugs or buds, or even with kief. Of course, this is the best way to make both of these products in terms of taste and potency. However, weed leaves and stems do still contain some active ingredients which you can use to make half-decent hash or bubble hash.

To make hash, a process of pressing the ground up trimmings with a rolling pin, and then baking them in the oven, over and over again, until you are left with a brown block of hash is involved. You should definitely look up how to make hash in the oven before you do this.

If you don’t want to use the oven, and you do not mind investing some money for micro screen bags, otherwise known as micron bags, you can also make bubble hash.

Bubble hash involves a process of using ice water, a lot of mixing, and these fine mesh bags to extract THC, which can then be dried into so-called bubble hash.

It won’t be too strong if you use trimmings and leaves, but it is still better than nothing at all.

3. Use Them For A Compost Pile

Yes, this is a repeat of what you can do with your weed stems, but it does still apply. If you are lazy or just don’t care that much, instead of throwing out your weed plant trimmings and leaves, you can always make a compost pile, which can then eventually be used as garden fertilizer.

4. Collect the Kief (THC crystals)

Something else you can do with your weed plant trimmings is to collect the kief. You can use a large and elaborate kief catching screen operation, or just use a good weed grinder that comes with a kief catcher.

Now, the amount of kief or THC crystals you will get out of leaves and trimmings will be minimal, but once again, it’s better than nothing. You can then use this kief to smoke, to cook with, you can vape it, and make all kinds of weed teas, butter, and oils.