Woman using weed are more satisfied

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The latest studies more and more come to the idea that women who use weed regularly are sexually more satisfied than those who don't.

The latest studies more and more come to the concept that ladies who use weed regularly are sexually more satisfied than people who don't. Though it still remains a matter of debate, many scholars do researches on this subject, as day by day it's becoming widespread and lots of states legalize it. The conducted studies show that girls using weed flower over 6 times a weak more rarely complain about sexual dysfunction. Those examined say that sex after hemp is more long-lasting, sexual feelings are more intense which in turn results in the body and mind full satisfaction.

Besides, the above said, more studies show that for more women hemp is related to long-lasting orgasms. On the opposite hand, it can happen thanks to THC in hemp. It makes the time perception more abstract and prolonged. So it can alter the perception and make felling that the method lasts longer.

At first hemp industry was purely masculine. But on a daily basis, more and more women are using weed, and not within the far future the quantity of girls consumers are going to be over men. So women should remember all its consequences if so. one of the advantages of weed using, besides gender and satisfaction is that decreases menstrual pain and menopausal symptoms. in line with the aforementioned Women’s Health Consumer Insight Survey, 39% of ladies who use weed do so to alleviate symptoms of their monthly cycle. Yet it's not advised for pregnant women, because it may cause birth defects for the baby. yet it had been observed that mothers are the foremost likely to urge sexual stimulation.

Another healthy benefit for ladies, and in fact sometimes for men too, that hemp may be a great means to treat many eating disorders, like anorexia. the rationale is clear, every weed user knows that it increases appetite.

The next thing is anxiety. The researches show that girls are more likely to be depressed than men. Canadian psychiatrists have conducted studies outlining that hemp will be accustomed to treat anxiety. “In general, people that use weed say it helps them relax and reduces anxiety,” says Zach Walsh, lead study author and psychology professor at the University of the Canadian province. “And we all know that several Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) sufferers are using hemp to treat their symptoms.” It’s now becoming prescribed more frequently within us to treat anxiety and depression.

That covers all the foremost issues that result in women self-medicating with hemp. But there's yet another quite common reason that doesn’t get discussed often; because they like it! And why wouldn’t they? Women’s lives are hectic and stressful; why shouldn’t they be ready to ditch the wine in exchange for smoking a pleasant joint to unwind within the evening? in addition, all know, weed is far safer than alcohol anyway.