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I've had swollen joints where it hurts, you rub some on, and while you're rubbing it on, the pain disappears. It's magical.

It's magical. William Shatner has said he uses weed for medical reasons. The 89-year-old actor said that he has been taking weed extracts like CBD and THC to assist manage pain and swelling in his joints. Reprimanding the PA press association, the Star Trek star said: CBD could even be a non-psychoactive matter found within the weed plant, while THC is that the chemical within the hemp plant that has users the way of euphoria. CBD oil is currently legal to shop for within the UK and is sold as a supplement during a very range of products, from snacks to moisturizers, to be taken for everyday complaints like pain and anxiety. However, within the UK THC content can't be greater than 0.2 percent for it to be classed as legal. In 2019, actor Olivia Newton-John revealed that she has been taking medical weed to assist her address the pain she experiences as a result of carcinoma. The actor was first diagnosed with carcinoma in 1992 and privately overcame another bout in 2013. In 2017, Newton-John was diagnosed for the third time and is currently within the midst of treatment for stage four carcinoma. However, it says there's some evidence that the chemicals in hemp can help with symptoms like nausea and pain. But these studies have had mixed results when utilized in clinical trials. Thanks to the mixed results, the overall feeling of experts is that there must be more research into the chemicals found in weed and their possible benefit."