What does weed daily user look like?

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Compared to the opposite sex, men prefer concentrates and women prefer pre-rolls and edibles. Older consumers prefer edibles to pre-rolls.

Older consumers prefer edibles to pre-rolls. Before legalization weed culture was centre around the young insurgent people, who were always going opposite to society rules. But after legalization, everything changed completely, due to easy accessibility more and more people got access to weed production, and particularly the older generation started using it for pain-killing purposes. So how do they like and what differs to younger users and senior users, regarding habits, preferences, and others. Collecting all the info required including customer age and gender data we've and came up with results. Accordingly, weed buyers are mostly (about 70%) male and about 50% of all consumers are under 40. We also found that while Flower accounts for about 1/2 the purchases made by each demographic, each group has its own quirks.

Compared to alternative sex, men prefer concentrates and girls prefer pre-rolls and edibles. Older consumers prefer edibles to pre-rolls. Who buys more weed, women or men? The first thing is to separate users into groups of gender. As you'll already guess most of the hemp consumers are of male gender and therefore the number isn't small, it's about 68.9% of all users and therefore the remainder of about 31.1% are female users. And what's the age of recreational weed users? Yet the common customer age is 37.6-years-old, which is beyond one might expect given stereotypes about weed users. The typical age for female customers is slightly older at 38.2 while the common age for males is 37.4. People ages 65 to 95 compose but 5% of consumers. We also wanted to see customer spending habits. Below is the distribution of the average dollars spent per trip to the shop. How Much Money Do People Spend on Weed? 34.7% of shoppers spend but $10 on the average, usually reading one item sort of half gram pre-roll or a carbonated beverage. Only 8.2% spend over $100/trip.