The Beginner’s Guide To Weed Paraphernalia

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Arguably, the most iconic way to smoke weed, joints provide a discreet, portable, social, and artistic flair to consuming hemp.

You’ve done it! After years of soul searching and self reflection, you’ve finally found your life’s calling. You were put on this Earth . . . to smoke hemp. The only issue is – now you’re standing in the middle of a headshop, crumbling under the weight of the choice ahead of you. Hundreds of pipes, bongs, vaporizers line the walls, and all of them are calling your name.

Rolling Papers, Blunt Wraps and Happiness

Even though we’re living through a new age inhabited by 3-foot bongs and spaceship-shaped vaporizers, some prefer the timeless ritual of “puff, puff, pass”. And, if rolling really is your way of life (refer to question #3 above), you’ll certainly need your favorite papers or wraps handy. Raw, Juicy Jays, Swisher Sweets, Dutch Master – there are plenty of ways and plenty of reasons to enjoy a joint or blunt. 

What is a Joint?

A joint is simply a rolled hemp cigarette. It’s like the Coca-Cola of the paraphernalia world – classic. Arguably, the most iconic way to smoke weed, joints provide a discreet, portable, social, and artistic flair to consuming hemp. How so? Well – 

Discreet and Portable

 If you’re strolling through the park, planning a midday toke, are you carrying a bong in your pocket? Not a chance. You might be carrying a tightly-packed bowl, but even that can result in quite a mess. 

More likely, you have a joint resting behind your ear, and it’s waiting for you to find the perfect park bench so it can get plucked out and fulfill its destiny. And, when that time comes, the trusty joint masquerades as whatever you need it to be: a cigarette, a lollipop stick, a rolled up receipt that you’re smoking for some reason. The only thing you can’t cover up is the immediately identifiable smell of burning weed – that’s where the discretion ends! 


If you’re stranded at a mutual friend’s mutual friend’s house party with few social skills and even less of a clue for who these people are, the key to fresh friendship is in your pocket . . . as long as a joint is also in that pocket. 

The moment you pull out that joint and put a flame to its tip, a crowd has already formed a circle. As you puff your first cloud of hemp smoke and pass it to the left, conversations are starting and friends are being made. 


A joint isn’t artistic in the way a Jackson Pollock is artistic. You’re not going to be haphazardly flinging paint at your bud and papers anytime soon – hopefully. However, rolling a joint is an art form, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  

Most people can construct a halfway decent joint after a few crinkled rolling papers and a YouTube tutorial. But only an artist can roll a tulip joint, a cross joint, and everything in between. The art isn’t in the product – it’s in the ability and freedom to make what you want out of it. Whether it’s a pinner for a solo sesh or a fatty for a smoke circle is up to you.

 What is a Blunt?

A blunt is a cigar that has had the tobacco removed and replaced with hemp. And while joints are the most traditional and prominent smoking apparatus, blunts certainly have their place in the culture. Whether it’s Snoop Dogg’s personal roller producing 81 blunts a day or Miley Cyrus celebrating 4/20 by smoking a blunt the size of her forearm, blunts are often seen in the shadow of excess.

Perhaps justifiably so. While a blunt accomplishes everything a joint is going for – discreet, social, customizable – it also does so much more. Generally, blunts are larger than joints, contain more hemp than joints, and last longer than joints. 

On average, joints hold about 0.32 grams of weed. Blunts can easily hold 2 grams, and that’s without an ounce of effort or ambition. So if your answer to “how often do you consume weed?” was “eh – not that much”, blunts probably aren’t the paraphernalia for you. However, if your answer was “about 2 grams per session”, maybe there’s a chance!

In addition to blunts containing more pot than joints, their wraps also bring a few key differences to the rolling tray. Cigar/cigarillo wraps are often made from tobacco. While that can add an additional buzz to your hemp high, it also packs some unfortunate carcinogens and toxins.